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Statestepis unique – but that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily relevant to the problem you want to solve now. If it isn’t, you may find some of the following links helpful. (No responsibility is accepted for the content of other websites.)

Link Compilations: Methods, Requirements Engineering


Ian Alexander maintains a comprehensive annotated list of general requirements engineering tools.


Another extensive list of RE tools is maintained by the Atlantic Systems Guild.


Richard Botting keeps a useful directory of software development methods, together with often humorous notes and definitions.


The Formal Methods Wiki aims to cover many formal methods of specification.



Tools For Rules


Drools is a rule engine designed to apply a repository of stored business rules (for example, „credit is never extended to a new customer without the approval of a manager“) to a large database of facts.


OpenRules also positions itself as a „Business Rules Management System“. A decision table tool framework aimed at web application development allows tables for logic and presentation to be entered in Excel spreadsheets.


Prologa is a decision table tool that allows rules to be expressed in an AI / fuzzy-logic style („Generally, do Action Z if Condition X and Condition Y“) and supports multiple, connected decision tables. Commercial, MS Windows only.


Logic-Gem is a decision table tool with features including the possibility of assigning cost and frequency values to rules for more efficient code generation. Commercial, MS Windows only.
Other Links (not reviewed)


Leap SE is a requirements engineering CASE tool. Commercial, MS Windows only (requires MS Access).

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