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Oldsmobile cars belonged to the luxury class and were manufactured at the Olds Motor Works production facility in Lansing, Michigan, the United States. The Olds Motor Vehicle company was founded in 1897, and became a part of the General Motors company in 1908. The make existed till 2004. Today it is rightfully considered to be among the first car makes in the world, and the oldest one in the USA. Over its lifetime, the firm produced more than 35 million vehicles.

Technical specifications of Oldsmobile cars

The company can boast a number of innovations. In 1937 the manufacturer was the first to offer a semi-automatic gearbox with 4 speeds, which was named the Automatic Safety Transmission. These units were supplied for Oldsmobile by the Buick company. The vehicles were equipped with a clutch pedal and had a selector for two operating modes: Low and High. In 1940, the enterprise presented another new technical solution: a fully automatic 4-speed Hydramatic gearbox.

The brand’s engine equipped with a turbocharger was revolutionary for its time. It was named Turbo Jetfire and was introduced on the F-85 coupe in 1962. As the base, the engineers used the proprietary V8 215 CID engine and added it with the TO-3 turbocharger supplied by the Garrett AiResearch company. As a result, the engine power was increased from 185 to 215 hp, the maximum torque – from 311 to 406 N·m. The car accelerated to 97 km/h in 8.5 seconds. The engineers decided not to reduce the compression ratio (10,25:1); knocking was mitigated by supplying a mixture of distilled water, methanol and corrosion inhibitor to the engine. This compound was named Turbo Rocket Fluid. The Toronado coupe, produced from 1966 till 1992, had the 400 hp Rocket V8 engine. This made the vehicle the most powerful in its class. In 1966 the Toronado model became “The Car of the Year” according to the American magazine “Motor Trend”.

The voice alert system informed the driver about lack of coolant, abnormally high engine temperature, presence of the key in the ignition switch when the door is opened, and other. The system was offered optionally for the Delta 88 coupe of 1986.

Some standard features of the seventh generation 98 flagship model (1961–1964), were nontypical for their time. The car was provided with an oil filter, windscreen wipers with two operating modes, power steering, and brake booster. The third generation Bravada SUV was equipped with the Smart Trak system which engaged the all-wheel drive depending on the road surface type with the help of the electronically-controlled NP-136 transfer case.

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LIQUI MOLY 1307 Original Artikelinfo
  • Produktreihe: Synthoil
  • Modell: High Tech
  • Viskositätsklasse SAE: 5W-40
  • Inhalt [Liter]: 5
  • Öl: Synthetiköl
  • Spezifikation: ACEA A3/B3, API SM, ACEA A3/B4, API CF
  • Herstellerfreigabe: BMW Longlife-98, MB 229.3, Porsche A40, VW 502 00, VW 505 00
  • Gebindeart: Kanister
  • Zustand: Brandneu
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LIQUI MOLY 1307 Oldsmobile Ersatzteile online kaufen
Motoröl 5W-40, 5l, Synthetiköl (LIQUI MOLY, 1307)
Art. Nr: 1307
73,48 €
(14,70 € für 1 Liter)
inkl. 19% MwSt., zzgl. Versandkosten
LIQUI MOLY 1300 Original Artikelinfo
  • Produktreihe: Leichtlauf
  • Modell: Super
  • Viskositätsklasse SAE: 10W-40
  • Inhalt [Liter]: 1
  • Spezifikation: ACEA A3/B4, API SN, API CF
  • Herstellerfreigabe: MB 229.1, MB 229.3, VW 501 01, VW 505 00, PSA B71 2300, Fiat 9.55535-D2, Fiat 9.55535-G2, Renault RN0700, Renault RN0710
  • Gebindeart: Flasche
  • Fahrzeugtyp: Auto
  • Zustand: Brandneu
Auf Lager
LIQUI MOLY 1300 Oldsmobile Ersatzteile online kaufen
Motoröl 10W-40, 1l (LIQUI MOLY, 1300)
Art. Nr: 1300
15,48 €
(15,48 € für 1 Liter)
inkl. 19% MwSt., zzgl. Versandkosten
MANN-FILTER W 713/18 Original Artikelinfo
  • Filterausführung: Anschraubfilter
  • Höhe [mm]: 100
  • Gewindemaß: M 18 X 1.5
  • Artikelnummer des empfohlenen Spezialwerkzeuges: LS 7
  • Durchmesser [mm]: 76
  • Dichtringinnendurchmesser: 62
  • Dichtringaußendurchmesser: 71
  • Zustand: Brandneu
Auf Lager
MANN-FILTER W 713/18 Oldsmobile Ersatzteile online kaufen
Ölfilter M 18 X 1.5, Anschraubfilter (MANN-FILTER, W 713/18)
Art. Nr: W 713/18
9,24 €
inkl. 19% MwSt., zzgl. Versandkosten
PIERBURG 4.00030.80.0 Original Artikelinfo
  • Filterausführung: Leitungsfilter
  • Höhe [mm]: 80
  • Durchmesser [mm]: 25
  • Auslass-Ø [mm]: 8
  • Technische Informationsnummer: PI 0023
  • Zustand: Brandneu
Auf Lager
Original PIERBURG 4.00030.80.0 OLDSMOBILE Teile günstig online
Kraftstofffilter Leitungsfilter, 8mm (PIERBURG, 4.00030.80.0)
Art. Nr: 4.00030.80.0
6,24 €
inkl. 19% MwSt., zzgl. Versandkosten
LIQUI MOLY 3681 Original Artikelinfo
  • Inhalt [Liter]: 1
  • Gebindeart: Flasche
  • Viskositätsklasse SAE: ATF III
  • Herstellerfreigabe: Dexron III H, ALLISON C4, Ford Mercon V, Honda ATF Z1, Hyundai SP-III, JASO 1-A, Kia SP-III, Mazda ATF M-V, Mitsubishi SP-III, Nissan AT-Matic D, Nissan AT-Matic J, Nissan AT-Matic K, Toyota T-IV, Allison TES 295, BMW 7045 E, BMW 8072 B, BMW LA 2634, BMW LT 71141, CATERPILLAR ECF-2, Chrysler ATF +4, Daimler NAG-1, JWS 3309, MAN 339 V1, MAN 339 Z1, MAN 339 Z2, MB 236.91, Subaru ATF, Voith H55.6335.xx, Volvo 97340, Volvo 97341, VW G 052 162, VW G 052 990, VW G 055 025, ZF TE-ML 04D, ZF TE-ML 05L, ZF TE-ML 09, ZF TE-ML 14A, ZF TE-ML 14B, ZF TE-ML 17C
  • Öl: HC Synthese Öl (Hydro-Cracked)
  • Produktreihe: Top Tec
  • Modell: ATF 1200
  • Farbe: Rot
  • Fahrzeugtyp: Auto, Motorrad
  • Zustand: Brandneu
Auf Lager
Original LIQUI MOLY 3681 OLDSMOBILE Teile günstig online
Automatikgetriebeöl ATF III, 1l, Rot (LIQUI MOLY, 3681)
Art. Nr: 3681
17,72 €
(17,72 € für 1 Liter)
inkl. 19% MwSt., zzgl. Versandkosten
EXIDE EB558 Original Artikelinfo
  • Spannung [V]: 12
  • Batterie-Kapazität [Ah]: 55
  • Kälteprüfstrom EN [A]: 620
  • Länge [mm]: 230
  • Breite [mm]: 180
  • Höhe [mm]: 186
  • Polanordnung: 1
  • Bodenleistenausführung: B7
  • Endpolart: SAE
  • Batterie: Bleiakkumulator
  • Zustand: Brandneu
Auf Lager
Original EXIDE EB558 OLDSMOBILE Teile günstig online
Batterie 12V 55Ah 620A B7 Bleiakkumulator (EXIDE, EB558)
Art. Nr: EB558
124,96 €
inkl. 19% MwSt., zzgl. Versandkosten
zzgl. Sperrgutzuschlag
BOSCH 0 258 005 732 Original Artikelinfo
  • Anzahl der Leitungen: 4
  • Empfohlenes Wechselintervall [km]: 160000
  • Anschluss/Klemme: ggf. Steckeranschluss anpassen
  • Zustand: Brandneu
Auf Lager
0 258 005 732 BOSCH Original Autoteile OLDSMOBILE
Lambdasonde 4 (BOSCH, 0 258 005 732)
Art. Nr: 0 258 005 732
49,48 €
inkl. 19% MwSt., zzgl. Versandkosten
LIQUI MOLY 3700 Original Artikelinfo
  • Produktreihe: Top Tec
  • Modell: 4100
  • Viskositätsklasse SAE: 5W-40
  • Inhalt [Liter]: 1
  • Öl: Synthetiköl
  • Spezifikation: API SN, ACEA C3, API CF
  • Herstellerfreigabe: BMW Longlife-04, Ford WSS-M2C917-A, MB 229.31, Porsche A40, DEXOS 2, VW 505 01, Fiat 9.55535-H2, Fiat 9.55535-M2, Fiat 9.55535-S2, Renault RN0700, Renault RN0710, VW 505 00
  • Gebindeart: Flasche
  • Fahrzeugtyp: Auto
  • Zustand: Brandneu
Auf Lager
3700 LIQUI MOLY Original Autoteile OLDSMOBILE
Motoröl 5W-40, 1l, Synthetiköl (LIQUI MOLY, 3700)
Art. Nr: 3700
14,96 €
(14,96 € für 1 Liter)
inkl. 19% MwSt., zzgl. Versandkosten